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Patriot Last Name Patriot First/Mid Name Title/Rank/Suffix Patriot's Unit or Service
Aaldrich Jesse    
Abbott Abiel PS/Maj. NH MA
Abbott Amos (Jr.)  
Abbott Elias    
Abbott Ezra    
Abbott John    
Abbott Joseph    
Abbott Joshua    
Abbott William    
Abbott William Sergeant NH Militia
Ackerman Peter    
Ackerson Peter    
Adams Benjamin    
Adams John    
Adams Joseph    
Adams Roswell    
Adams Samuel    
Adams Soloman    
Adams Solomon    
Adams William    
Aiken James Capt.  
Aiken James    
Aiken John    
Aiken Phineas    
Aiken Thomas    
Ainsworth Edward    
Akerman John    
Alden James    
Alden Prince    
Aldrich Amasa    
Alexander Jabez    
Allan John    
Allen Benjamin    
Allen Isaac    
Allen Samuel    
Ames Stephen    
Anderson Edward    
Anderson Jacob Lieutenant NJ Private, Lieutenant, and Cmsry.  NJ and NC 
Andrews Isaac    
Andrews John    
Annis Samuel Private Capt. John Parker's Co., Col. Samuel Richard's Regt.
Arnold Daniel 1st Lieutenant Capt. John Hall, Jr.'s Co., Col. Benjamin Lincoln's Regt.
Ashley Samuel    
Ashley Samuel Col.  
Aspinwall Thomas Lt. Col.  
Atwood John 1st Lieutenant Capt. David Brewer's Co., 5th Middlesex Regt., 
Atwood Jonathan Capt. NH
Atwood Joshua    
Austin George    
Ayers Ebenezer    
Aylesworth Abel Ensign VT
Bachtel John Jacob    
Bacon Oliver    
Bacon Thompson    
Badger Obadiah    
Bailey Cyrus    
Bailey Ebenezer    
Bailey Gamaliel     
Bailey Job    
Bailey Joel    
Bailey John    
Bailey Timothy    
Baker Joseph    
Baker Joseph Capt.  
Baker Matthes   Provided material aid for the Revolutionary War.  Purchased arms and accoutrements for delivery to the Militia of New Jersey in 1776.
Baker Moses    
Baker Samuel Private NY 
Baker Sheubel    
Balch Robert    
Balcom Micah    
Ball Elijah    
Ball Silas    
Ball  Reuben    
Ballard Nathan    
Ballard William    
Bancroft Jonathan    
Barber Robert    
Barker Daniel    
Barnard Dan Private Capt. Elias Buell's Co.
Barnes Samuel    
Barrett Frederick (Jr.)  
Barrett Joseph (Jr.)  
Barrett Stephen    
Barrows Moses (Sr.)  
Bartlett Abiel    
Bartlett John Dr.  
Bartlett John    
Bartlett Thomas    
Barton Bezabeel    
Barton Bezaleal Private MA Line
Batchelder David    
Batchelder John    
Batchelder Nathaniel    
Batchelder Nehemiah    
Batchelder Samuel    
Batterson John Private Capt. Daniel Lacy's Coast Guard of Fairfield
Battles Jonathan    
Baxter Petit    
Bayley Jacob    
Beals Jonathan    
Beaman Joseph    
Beard William    
Bedell Timothy    
Beede (Beedy) Phineas    
Belew Zachariah   South Carolina, Listed on Col. Thomas Brandon's Regiment
Bell Thomas    
Bell Walter    
Bellows Joseph Col.  
Bellows Peter Private Private, Capt. Abel Walker's Co., Col. Benjamin Bellows Regt.
Bemis Henry Private NH 
Bemis James   Capt. Weston's Co., Col. Brook's Regt.
Bennett Eleazer    
Bennett Jacob    
Bentley James    
Benton Samuel    
Beon (Brown) Richard    
Betton James    
Bickford Thomas    
Bigelow Daniel    
Bill Ebenezer    
Bingham Elijah    
Bisbee Charles    
Bixby Asa    
Bixby Thomas    
Bixby Thomas (Jr.) Lt.  
Blaisdell Jonathan    
Blake Eleazer    
Blake Hezekias    
Blake John    
Blanchard Augustus    
Blanchard David    
Blanchard Joseph Private Private New Hampshire. Capt Nathaniel Head in Col. Raynolds Regt of New Hampshire Militia. Capt. Abbot Company in Col. Stark's Regt for Fort George Nov 22, 1776
Blanchard Jotham    
Blasdell Isaac    
Blaylock Jonathan    
Bliss Samuel    
Blood Edmund    
Bloom Benjamin Private Col. Abraham Brinkerhoff's 2nd Dutchess County Regt.
Bly John    
Board David Private Soldier NJ
Board David    
Board David Maj. & Paymaster New Jersey militia
Boardman Benjamin Pvt/Corp/Sgt  
Bohsnon Andrew    
Booth Epaphras    
Booth Joseph    
Bowen Eleazer    
Bowker Gideon    
Bowman Jonas    
Boyer Charles B.    
Boynton Elias    
Boynton Jonathan    
Bradley Stephen Row    
Bragdon Thomas    
Brainard Abner    
Branch William    
Brewer David    
Brewer James    
Brier (Bryer) John    
Briggs Abner    
Briggs Edward    
Brigham Daniel    
Brigham Levi    
Brinegar Adam    
Britton William    
Bronson Michael    
Brooks Simon    
Brooks Stephen    
Brown Amos    
Brown Benjamin Sgt./Ensign Capt. Orsor's Co., 1st Westchester Cty NY Militia
Brown James Private NH Private, Capt. John Parker's Co., Col. Timothy Bedel's ; Sgt. James Blakes's Regt of NH Rangers; Commissary of Fort at Stratford, NH; Selectman in Stratford, NH 
Brown John    
Brown John (Sr.)  
Brown Joseph    
Brown Josiah    
Brown Samuel Capt.  
Bryant George    
Buck Jonathan Col. MA Militia
Buck Moses    
Buckman John    
Budding Conrad Private Capt. John Sharp's Co., Armand's Legion
Bunker Joseph    
Bunten John    
Buntin Andrew    
Burbank Eliphalet    
Burbank John    
Burbank John   Col. Moses Garrish's Regt.
Burbank Jonathan    
Burdon John    
Burgess Covil Private MA
Burgess Ebenezer Private Capt. Joseph Fairbank's Co., Asa Whitcomb's Reg.
Burgess Elisha    
Burnap John    
Burnham Andrew    
Burnham John    
Burns John    
Burns William    
Butler Henry    
Butler Moses    
Buzzell Henry    
Buzzell Solomon    
Cady Jonathan    
Cady Perley    
Caldwell Samuel    
Caldwell William    
Callender Samuel    
Cambridge John    
Campbell Samuel    
Carlton David    
Carman Joshua    
Carpenter Abel    
Carpenter John (Jr.)  
Carpenter John  (Jr.)  
Carpenter, Sr. George Zimmerman Private First Virginia Regiment, 5th Division, Muhlenburg Brigade
Carr James    
Carter Joel    
Carter John    
Carter Richard    
Carter Winthrop    
Cartwright Justinian Sergeant VA Line (1st Regiment of Continental Artillery, Virginia) 26 Feb 1776 Capt. Samuel J. Cabell of Morgan's Virginia Rifle Copr, under Continental Establishment.
Caswell Nathan Capt.  
Cate Jonathan    
Chadbourn Silas    
Chadwick Thomas    
Chaffee Comfort    
Chaffee, Jr. Atherton Private Private in Capt. John Petty's Co., Col. William William's Reg. enlisting ugust 29, 1777.  He was also a member of Capt. Wright's Co. of "Pure Whigs".
Chamberlin Abiel    
Chamberlin Freedom    
Chamberlin James    
Chandler Benjamin    
Chandler Joseph    
Chandler Zacherias    
Chapin Noah Continental Service CT
Chaplin Asa Private MA
Chapman Samuel    
Chase Abel Lieutenant Lieutenant, MA  Lexington Alarm, Capt. Thomas Noyes and Capt. Jonathan Poor
Chase Amos 1st Lieutenant 9th Company, Sixteenth Regiment of Militia NH
Chase Amos Lieutenant 9th Company in Unity, NH. Sixteenth Regiment of Militia in the Colony of New Hampshire. Benjamin Bellows, Jun. Colonel
Chase Jacob    
Chase John    
Chase Jonathan    
Chase Moses    
Chase Peter    
Chase Samuel    
Chase Samuel (Jr.)  
Chase Samuel Private Private in Capt. Simeon Lord's Co., Col. Sprout's MA Regt.  1781-1783 
Chase William    
Cheney Thomas    
Chesley Philip    
Chesley Samuel    
Chickering John    
Child Moses    
Child Stephen    
Child Willard    
Churchill Francis    
Churchill Joshua    
Churchill Nathaniel    
Cilley Joseph Gen.  
Cilley Joseph Maj. Gen.  
Cilley Joseph    
Cilley Joseph Colonel Colonel commanding 1st New Hampshire Continental Regiment, 1777
Cilley Philip    
Cilley Samuel    
Cilley Samuel Private  
Claflin, Sr. Nehemiah Private MA Service.  Corporal in Captain Abiel Clap's Company, Colonel Carpenter's regiment  service in R.I. July 24 to August 28, 1777. Capt. Robinson Co and Col. Dean Regt. 
Claflin, Sr. Nehemiah Private Private MA Service.  Corporal in Captain Abiel Clap's Company, Colonel Carpenter's regiment  service in R.I. July 24 to August 28, 1777. Capt. Robinson Co and Col. Dean Regt. 
Clark Benjamin    
Clark Ebenezer    
Clark Jonathan    
Clark Peter    
Clark Samuel (Jr.)  
Clark Satchel    
Clarkson Matthews    
Clary Joseph    
Clement Obadiah    
Clements Timothy    
Clough Obadiah    
Clough Samuel    
Clough Simon    
Clough (Cluff) John    
Clymer George    
Coas William    
Coates William    
Coble Frederick    
Cobleigh John    
Coburn Asa    
Coburn Benjamin    
Coburn Henry    
Codding Samuel (Sr.)  
Coffeen John    
Coffin Peter    
Coffin Peter Major NH Militia
Cogswell Thomas    
Cogswell William    
Colburn (Coburn) Job    
Colby Abraham    
Colby Daniel Private MA
Colby Elliott    
Colby Ichabod    
Colby William    
Colby Willoughby    
Cole Solomon    
Collins Cyprian    
Compton Azariah    
Comstock Abijah   CT, Appointed to a committee to procure clothing and provisions for the soldiers of Norwalk, CT
Comstock Benajah Strong Private Connecticut 7th Co of the 9th Militia, Capt. Nathan Gilbert and ol. John Mead.   Participated in battles of Long Island and New York 1776
Conant Jeremiah    
Conant Oliver    
Conant Sylvanus    
Cook Levi    
Cooledge Nathaniel    
Cooley Ashel (Ariel?) Capt.  
Coolidge Joseph    
Coombs Joseph    
Corey Paris Private Capt. Ebenezer Macomber's Co., Col. Jeremiah Olney's Regt.
Corser John    
Couch John    
Cowles Timothy    
Cram Ezekiel    
Crane Amariah    
Crane Joseph    
Crane Joseph Sergeant MA Militia
Crawford Valentine Colonel Wagon Master General to the Army
Crehore William    
Cressy Daniel    
Crickett David    
Crippen Asa    
Critchett Richard    
Cromwell John    
Crosby Josiah Capt.  
Crosby Josiah    
Crosby Samuel Dr.  
Crosby William    
Cross John    
Crowell Aaron    
Cummings Oliver (Jr.)  
Cummings Oliver    
Currier Challis    
Currier Edmund    
Currier Gideon    
Currier Nathaniel    
Currier Richard    
Curtis William    
Cushing Daniel    
Cushing Theophilus    
Cushman Solomon    
Cutler Hodges Private NH (Pension)
Cutter Joseph    
Cutter Moses    
Cutting Benjamin    
Cutting Francis    
Cutting Zebulon    
Cypher Ludovic    
Daggett John    
Dam Samuel    
Dame Hateuil    
Damm Samuel    
Dana Anderson    
Danforth Benjamin (Jr.)  
Danforth David    
Danforth Solomon    
Danforth William    
Danforth William Drummer/Corp. MA
Davenport William (Sr.)  
Davenport William (Jr.)  
Davidson James    
Davis Aquilla    
Davis Daniel    
Davis Eleazer    
Davis Ephraim    
Davis Ephriam    
Davis John    
Davis Josiah    
Davol Pardon    
Dean Enos Sergeant Capt. James Cooper's Co., Col. Gamaliel Bradford's MA Regt.
Dearborn Edward    
Dearborn Jeremiah    
Dearborn Josiah    
Dearborn Shubael (Jr.)  
Demerritt John    
Denio Seth    
Dennen Samuel    
Dickson Moses    
Dimond Ruben    
Dinsmoor John    
Dinsmore Thomas    
Dodge Nathaniel Hubbard    
Dodge Simon    
Dodge Solomon    
Donaldson William Sergeant NY
Doty Jonathan    
Douglas Asa    
Douglas George    
Dow Ebenezer    
Dow Jabez    
Dow Levi    
Dow Reuben    
Downing Daniel    
Doyen Francis   Provided financial support for campaign to Crownpoint, NY  18 Sep 1776
Doying Daniel Private Capt. Jonas Kidders Co, Col. Nichol's Regt. Westpoint, NY 1780;  Continental Soldiers 1782-end of war, Capt. Munroe Co, Col. Henry Dearborn 1st NH Regt.
Drake James    
Drake John    
Drew Francis Adams    
Drew Samuel    
Du Bois Peter Capt. NJ 
DuBois Christian    
Dudley Timothy    
Dumond Iqinas    
Dunbar William    
Duncan Charles Private Virginia 6, Capt. Blackwell's Regt.  3 years service in  Virginia Continental Line
Dunham Ebenezer Drummer Capt. Stephen Richardson's Co.
Dunham Solomon    
Dustin Timothy    
Dwinell Thomas    
Eames Jacob    
Eames Jacob (Jr.)  
Eames Robert    
Ean Abraham Sergeant 3rd Ulster County Regt.; Capt. Deyo Ulster Co. Militia, 3rd Regt.  Served in July and August as member of Capt. Abraham Deyo's Co, 3rd Regt.
Eastman Ebenezer    
Eastman James    
Eastman Moses    
Eastman Nathaniel    
Eastman Obadiah    
Eastman Stilson    
Eastman Thomas    
Eastman William    
Eaton James    
Eaton Nathaniel    
Edgerly James    
Edgerly Jonathan    
Edwards Oliver Private MinuteMan, Private and Captain. He enlisted under, Capt. Allen,  Col. John Fellows. Captured in Quebec Jan 1776 by British, remained inprisoned 9 mos, Oct 1776 exchanged as a POW
Eells Jeremiah Beard    
Elder Isaac    
Eleazer Nichols Private MA
Elkinah Hoskino    
Elkins Peter    
Elliott John    
Ellis Barnabas    
Ellis Gideon    
Ellsworth John (Jr.)  
Elmer Gad    
Emerson Amos    
Emerson Ebenezer    
Emerson Edward    
Emerson Eleazer Corporal NH
Emerson Moses    
Emerson Nathaniel    
Emerson Nathaniel Lt. Col. NH Militia
Emerson Nathaniel   Lt. Col.
Emerson Peter    
Emerson Thomas    
Emerson William    
Emery Benjamin    
English David    
English James    
English John Private Enlisted at West Point, NY in April 1775.  Served first as Private under Capt. Thomas Lee, Lewis Dubois Regt.  Later in Capt. Abraham Westfall's Co, Col. Albert Pawling
Evans Benjamin    
Everett Jonathan    
Everett Levi    
Everett Levi Capt. MA
Farnsworth Edmund    
Farnum Parker    
Farr Ebenezer    
Farrar Daniel    
Farrington Price   Elizabethtown Militia under Col. Elias Dayton
Faulconer Joseph    
Faulkner Francis    
Faulkner Jonas    
Faust Balthaser    
Fay John    
Fay Joseph    
Fellows John    
Fellows John PS Private NH
Fellows Josiah    
Felton Francis Captain Captain, Marblehead Company; engaged 11 Jul 1775.  Service in defense of seacoast.  Capt, 1st Co.; list of seacoast officers stationed at Marblehead.
Ferguson Samuel    
Ferren Philip    
Fickett Abner    
Fifield Nathaniel    
Fisher David    
Fisher David (Sr.) Lieutenant  
Fisher Isaac    
Fisher Oliver Private Capt. Joseph Guild's Co., 36th regt.  Enlisted May 8, 1775. Also served in Capt. Joseph's Guild's co., Col. Greaton's regt.  Certificate of service in support of an order for bounty cost
Fisher Seth    
Fisher Seth Private MA
Fisk Thomas    
Fitch Jesse    
Fitch Moses    
Fitch Paul    
Fitts Abraham    
Fitts Ephraim    
Fitts Ephraim Corporal NH Militia
Flanders Josiah   Signer of the Association Test at South Hampton, NH on June 24, 1776.
Fleenor Michael Private Private in Washington Co, VA. Lt. William Blackburn, Col. Evan Shelby, Capt. Calwell, Capt. ADams, Capt. Bledsoe, Col. Campbell. 
Fletcher Joel    
Fletcher Joshua    
Fletcher Peter    
Flint John    
Flint Nathaniel (Jr.) Private Militia
Flint Samuel    
Floyd Hugh Private Capt. Sprague's Co.
Floyd Hugh Private MA, Private, Capt. Sprague's Chelsea Co.
Fogg Samuel    
Folsom James    
Folsom John    
Folsom Josiah    
Folsom Tristram    
Foote Daniel    
Forbes Absolem Private MA Militia
Forbes Absolem    
Forrest William    
Forsaith Matthew    
Foss George    
Foss Jeremiah    
Foss Nathaniel    
Foster Aaron    
Foster Abraham    
Foster Edmund    
Foster Gideon    
Foster Hezekiah    
Foster Jacob    
Foster Jonathan    
Foster Joseph Private Lieut. Peter Shaw's Co. & Capt. John Low's Co., Col. Mansfield's Regt.
Foster Joshua    
Fowler Abner    
Fox Uriah    
Francis John    
Freeman Henry    
French Adam    
French Asa    
French Benjamin    
French Jonathan    
French Joseph    
French William    
Frisbie James Lt.  
Frost Jacob    
Frye Isaac    
Fuller Roger    
Fuller Rufus    
Furber Joshua    
Furbush David    
Gage Abijah    
Gage Benjamin    
Gaines Moses    
Gale Eli    
Gale Eli Lt.  
Gale Elijah Lt.  
Gale Henry    
Gale Jacob Col.  
Gale Jacob    
Gardner Christopher    
Garland Jonathan    
Garland Richard    
Garthwaite Jeremiah C.    
Garvin James    
Gates Isaac    
Gates Josiah    
Gates Lemuel Capt. MA
Gates Reuben (Jr.)  
Gaylord, Jr. Benjamin Private Capt. Benjamin Trumbull Co., CT
George Austin    
George David    
George Samuel    
Gerould Samuel    
Gerrish Enoch    
Gerrish Henry Col.  
Getchell Dennis Capt. MA 
Gibson James    
Gibson Silas    
Gilchrist Alexander    
Gilcrest Alixander    
Gile Ezekiel    
Gillmore Elisha    
Gilman Antipas    
Gilman Antipas PS Col NH
Gilman Ezekiel    
Gilman Jeremiah Capt.  
Gilman Joshua    
Gilman Nicholas    
Gilman Peter    
Gilman Samuel Thing   Capt. Caleb Robinson's Co., Col. Nathan Hale's Regt.
Gilman Samuel Thyng Private NH Militia
Gilmore Whitefield    
Gilson Eleazer    
Glines Benjamin    
Glover Jonathan    
Goff John (Sr.)  
Golder William    
Goldthwaite Benjamin    
Goodenow Daniel (Jr.) Private Sudbury (MA) Minuteman, Capt. John Nixon's Regt
Goodridge Joshua    
Goodwin James    
Goodwin Levi    
Goodwin Robert Private VA
Goodwin Samuel    
Gordon Enoch    
Gordon Ithiel (Jr.) Capt. Rowell's Co.
Gordon Ithiel   Capt. Rowell's Co.
Gould Amos    
Gould Elias    
Gould James    
Gove Elijah Private Capt. Samuel Filbrick's Co., Col. Moore's Regt.
Grannis Edward    
Grannis Edward Capt. NH
Gray James    
Gray Joseph    
Gray Solomon    
Gray William    
Greeley Joseph    
Greene Benjamin Drummer  
Greenleaf Calvin    
Greenleaf David    
Greenwood Jonathan    
Gregg James    
Gregg James Private NH
Gregg William    
Griffin John    
Griffith John Private Capt. James Read's Co., 1st NC Regt.
Griswold John    
Grout Elijah    
Gunn Daniel    
Gunnison Samuel    
Gunnison Samuel Capt.  NH
Gutterson Samuel    
Hadley George Private Capt. Peter Clark's Co., Col. Daniel Moore's Regt 
Hadley Moses    
Hadley Obadiah    
Hadley William    
Haines Abner    
Haines Jacob    
Haines Stephen    
Hale Abner    
Hale Moses (II)  
Hale Moses    
Hale Moses  (III)  
Hall Edward    
Hall John    
Hall Joseph    
Hall Reuben    
Hall Stephen    
Hallock Peter Private NY Militia
Halsey Jabez    
Halsey Silvanus    
Hamilton Alexander    
Hamlin Eleaza Captain MA Capt May 1775 Gen Durant;  Capt Col Bailey  23rd foot infantry Served in the Battles of Long Island, Trenton, and Princeton 
Hammond Abel    
Hammond David    
Hammond Thomas    
Handy Paul    
Hardy Jonas    
Hardy Noah    
Harlow James    
Harlow Zephaniah    
Harriman Asa    
Harriman John    
Harris Ebenezer    
Harris Jesse R.   NC Patriotic and Civil Service.  Signed Oath of Fidelity 1777 and was an Overseer of Roads.
Harris Nathaniel    
Hart Zerubbable Soldier MA
Hartshorn John    
Harvey Thomas    
Hastings Amos    
Hatch Dan    
Hatch Mason    
Hauser Jacob    
Hayes Elijah    
Hayes Hezekiah Private Capt. John Hills Co., Col. Joshua Wingate's Regt.
Hayes Robert Daniel    
Hays David (Jr.)  
Hayward Joseph    
Hazard John    
Head James    
Head Nathaniel    
Heald John Lieutenant Capt. John Hayward's Co., Col. Abijah Pierce's Regt. MA Minuteman
Heald Oliver    
Heard Daniel    
Heard David    
Heard Richard    
Hedden Jonathan Private Essex County NJ Militia.  Capt. Williams and Elijah Squire, Maj. Sam Hayes, Col. Philip Van Corltandt
Hemenway Elias    
Henchman Nathaniel    
Henley Samuel    
Herrick Henry (Sr.)  
Hersey Jonathan    
Hewett Solomon    
Hewins William    
Hickman Ezekiel    
Higgins Eleazer    
Higgins Eleazer Lt. MA
Hildreth David    
Hildreth Elijah    
Hill Abraham    
Hill Benjamin    
Hill Isaac (Sr.)  
Hill Isaac    
Hill James    
Hill Moses    
Hill Nicholas D.    
Hill Nicholas Dudley    
Hill Nicolas Dudley    
Hill  James    
Hilliard John    
Hinkle Peter Private PA Militia
Hinkson John    
Hinman Benjamin    
Hinman Benjamin Colonel CT; 1775 part of men garissoned at Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point, Present at surrender of New York.  LAter stationed at Horse Neck and other points on Long Island, NY.
Hobart William    
Hodgdon Caleb    
Hogg Abner    
Hogzboom Jeremiah    
Hoit Stephen Private NH 
Hoit Thomas    
Holbrook Peleriah    
Holbrook William    
Holden John    
Holland John    
Hollister Ashbel    
Holloway Joshua Private MD 
Holt Oliver   Signer of Association Test
Holton John    
Hooker Thomas Private Capt. John Denning's 5th Co., 13th Regt.
Hooper Levi    
Hooper William    
Hopkins James    
Hopkins Solomon    
Hopkins Theophilus    
Horne John    
Horne John Private NY
Horter Mathias    
Hosley James    
Hough Jacob Private Capt. Ezekiel Ross's Co., Westmoreland Co. Militia under Col. William Crawford on Sandusky Expedition; 3rd PA Regiment Col. Thomas Craig
House Lazarus    
Hovey Ivary    
Hovey Richard    
How Ezekiel Col.  
How Joseph    
Howard Henry Soldier MA
Howard Samuel    
Howland John    
Hoyt Joseph    
Hoyt Joseph Capt. NH Militia
Hoyt Samuel 2nd Lt., Capt.  
Hoyt Theodore    
Hoyt (Hight) Dennis    
Hubbard Ephraim    
Hubbard George    
Hubbard Oliver    
Hubbel Aaron    
Hubbell Aaron    
Huber (Hoover) Jacob    
Huggins Jonathan Private NH
Hughes Felix Private Soldier  PA
Hunt Abraham    
Hunt Zebulon    
Hunt  Joshua    
Hunt  Peter    
Hunt  Richard    
Hunt  Russell    
Huntley Nathan    
Huntoon Benjamin    
Huntoon John    
Hurd John Col.  
Hurd Justus    
Hurd (Heard) Thomas    
Hurlburt Samuel    
Hurlbut Stephen Mus. Private CT (Pension)
Huse James    
Huse John    
Hutchins Gordon    
Hutchins Gordon Lieutenant Colonel  
Hutchins Hezekiah    
Hutchins Jeremiah   Massachusetts Civil Service.  Constable and Surveyor of Highways: Haverhill/Essex/MA
Hutchins William    
Hyland Amasa    
Ingalls Jonathan    
Irish John    
Ives Titus Private Capt. Isaac Cook's Co. of Cheshire, CT
Jackman Samuel    
Jackson Eleazer    
Jackson Reuben Private MA 
Jackson Reuben Private  MA
Jackson Reuben Private  MA 
Jackson Thomas Sergeant Wiley's Co., Michael Jackson's Reg., MA Line
James Joseph    
Jameson Thomas    
Jenkins David    
Jenkins John    
Jenkins Thomas Shepard    
Jennings Samuel    
Jewett Samuel    
Jewett (Juet) Daniel    
Johnson Abijah    
Johnson Jeremiah Private Capt. Moody Dustin's Co., Col. Scammel's Regt. 
Johnson John    
Johnson Joseph   Connecticut Patriotic Service. Non-military service as member of 
Johnson Samuel    
Johnson Seth Captain Private  as a Sergeant /Quarter charter under Capt. Hubbard , as a Captain under Major Return Meigs and Col. Wibbs'  troops Connecticut. He was at the capture of Burgoyne.
Johnston Dr. Lancelot Surgeon  
Jones Asa    
Jones Paul    
Jones William (Sr.)  
Jones Zebediah    
Jones Zephaniah    
Jordan Benjamin    
Joslin David    
Joslin Elias    
Joslin John    
Joslin John (Jr.)  
Joynes Levin    
Judd Uriah (Jr.)  
Judkins Samuel    
Keen Meshach Private Capt. Freedom Chamberlain's Co., General John Thomas's Regt.
Keith Ichabod    
Kellogg Pliney Private MA 
Kellom Daniel    
Kelly Joseph    
Kelly Micajah    
Keniston William (Sr.)  
Keniston William (Jr.)  
Kennard James    
Kenney Stephen    
Kent Jacob    
Kent John Ensign MA
Ketcham Zophar    
Keyes William    
Kidder Elijah    
Kilburn Eliphalet Sergeant 12th Continental Regiment 13th MA Regiment, 4th Essex County Militia, and Col. Gerrish's MA Militia in defense of Rhode Island.
Kimball Asa    
Kimball Caleb Capt. MA
Kimball Caleb    
Kimball David    
Kimball Joab    
Kimball Moses    
Kimball Nathaniel    
Kimball Peter Capt.  
Kimball Phineas    
Kimball Reuben    
Kimball Thomas    
Kimball Thomas (Jr.)  
Kimball Thomas Private Private, Maj. Paul Raymond's Co. of militia, 1st Worcester Co. Regt. marched on Lexington Alarm April 19, 1775
Kimball William    
King William    
Kingsbury Daniel    
Kingsbury Daniel Lt.  
Kingsbury Daniel Deacon  
Kingsbury Nathaniel    
Kinsbury Nathaniel    
Kinsman Nathan    
Kirby Ephriam    
Kitchel Phineas    
Kitfield Edward    
Knapp Peter    
Knight Benjamin    
Knowles Ezekiel    
Knowles Ezekiel Private NH
Knowlton Abraham    
Knowlton Robert    
Knox John    
Krumbine Peter Private  PA militia Capt. Aldenbrook. Lancaster County, PA guarding military supplies and gunpoweder. 7th Battalion, 5th Co of Lancaster County Militia Capt. Noah Ceasey
Kumler Jacob    
Lackey Mathew    
Ladd Ezekiel    
Lake Daniel    
Lakin Josiah    
Lakin Simeon    
Lamson  Joseph    
Landon James Private New Jersey Line in Capt. Luce's Co., Col. Shreves 2nd N.J. Regt.
Lane Asaph    
Lane Ebenezer (Jr.)  
Lane Larkin Private VA
Lane Samuel    
Lang Samuel    
Lang William    
Lathrop Ebenezer 2nd Lt. CT 
Lathrop Jedidiah    
Law Consider    
Law Reuben    
Lawrence Benjamin Sgt & Lt.  
Lawrence Joshua    
Lay John    
Learned Ebenezer Brig. Gen. MA (Pension)
Learned Ebenezer Brig. Gen. MA - Pension
Learned Jedediah Private Watertown, MA  Capt. Edward Fuller's Co, Col. Brook's Regt. 
Leavitt Jonathan    
Leavitt Jonathan Capt.  
Leavitt Moses    
Lebourneau Zenas    
Leighton Gideon    
Lejanour Amos    
Leonard Ziba    
LeZotte Louis Private Hazen's Regt.
LeZotte Louis Private Private in General Moses Hazen's Regt and Capt. Oliver's 3rd Company, Congress’s Own Regiment.   Present at the surrender of Cornwallis.  Served for the entirety of the Revolution.  Presented the Meritorious Service letter of distinction by General George Washington.  The 2nd Canadian Regiment also know as Congress' Own was raised on January 20, 1776 at Montreal, Quebec for service with the Continental Army under the command of Colonel Moses Hazen. They would see action at the Battle of Trois-Rivières, Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Germantown and the Battle of Yorktown. During the winter of 1778-1779 the men were in winter quarters in Redding, CT at Putnam Memorial state park. The regiment was disbanded November 15, 1783 at West Point, New York.
Libbey Charles    
Libby Asa Sergeant MA
Libby James Private Capt. Goodwin's Co., Col. Francis's Infantry
Libby Joseph Private MA
Libby Samuel    
Lincoln Rufus Capt.  
Litchfield Caleb    
Little Bond    
Little Joseph Lieutenant Col. Marsh's Regt.
Little Nathaniel    
Little Samuel    
Lizott Lewis Private Private in General Moses Hazen's Regt and Capt. Oliver's 3rd Company, Congress’s Own Regiment.   Present at the surrender of Cornwallis.  Served for the entirety of the Revolution.  Presented the Meritorious Service letter of distinction by General George Washington.  The 2nd Canadian Regiment also know as Congress' Own was raised on January 20, 1776 at Montreal, Quebec for service with the Continental Army under the command of Colonel Moses Hazen. They would see action at the Battle of Trois-Rivières, Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Germantown and the Battle of Yorktown. During the winter of 1778-1779 the men were in winter quarters in Redding, CT at Putnam Memorial state park. The regiment was disbanded November 15, 1783 at West Point, New York.
Lock  Timothy Blake    
Locke Elijah    
Locke Moses    
Locke Simeon    
Locke Simeon Private Private in NH Regiment.  Served in RI.  Enlisted 09 Jul 1777 in Capt. Parson’s Company.
Longfellow Jonathan    
Longfellow William    
Lord Nathan    
Lord Philip    
Lord William    
Loring William    
Lovejoy Joseph    
Loveland Asa Private 9th Co. Capt. John Chester's Co.
Lovering Simeon    
Lowell Nehemiah    
Lund John Lieutenant  
Lyford Biley    
Lynde Benjamin    
Lynde Joseph    
Lyon Gilbert    
Mackey John    
MacKintosh Peter    
Magee James    
Malcom James Capt. VA
Marden Lemuel    
Marsh Timothy    
Marshall Richard    
Marston John    
Marston John Sgt. NH
Marston Paul Smith    
Marston Paul Smith Corporal NH Militia
Martin Ephraim    
Martin George    
Martin Joshua    
Martin Joshua Captain  
Martin Robert    
Martin Seth (Jr.)  
Martin William    
Marton Seth    
Marvin Giles    
Mason Benjamin    
Mason Thomson    
Mather Phineas    
Mather Samuel    
Mathes John    
Mathews John    
Mathews Robert    
Matthews Robert   Capt. Samuel McConnell Co., Col. Stickney's Regiment
Maxfield John N. Private  
May Thomas Private Capt. Manasseh Sawyer's Co., Col. Dike's Reg.
May Thomas Private Capt. Nathaniel White's Co., Col. Dike's Reg.
May Thomas Private Capt. Goss Co. & Capt. Manasseh Sawyer's Co.
May Thomas Private Private under Capt. Goss in 1776, Captain Manasseh Sawyer in 1776. Enlisted in the Naval Service under Capt. Manley and arrived in Marblehead, MA approcimately 1778.
Mayo Thomas    
McAllister Isaac    
McAllister James    
McCain William Private North Carolina militia
McClary Andrew    
McClary David    
McClary Michael    
McCroskey John    
McDaniel William    
McDonald James    
McDuffee Daniel   Signer of Association Test, Served in Col. Steven Edward's NH Regt.
McGregor Joel    
Meigs Reburn Jonathan    
Merriam Josiah    
Merriam Nathaniel Lt. CT 
Merrill Asa    
Merrill Enoch    
Merrill Jacob    
Merrill Nathaniel    
Merrill Samuel    
Merrill Thomas    
Meserve Clement    
Meserve Jonathan (Sr.)  
Metcalf Samuel    
Miller James    
Miller James Colonel North Carolina
Miller Mathias    
Miller Nathaniel Private NY
Miller, Sr. Jacob   Patriotic Service:  Provided Horses and Rations
Mills Edward    
Mills Solomon    
Milton Benjamin    
Milton Ephriam    
Minot Jonas    
Mitchell John    
Mitchell John Benjamin Fifer CT Fifer and Private  1777-1783, Capt. Albert Chapman Co., Col. Swift's 2nd  Regiment, Capt. Thomas Converse Co., Jan 1, 1781 to Dec 31, 1781.
Mitchell Jonathan    
Mitchell Nathaniel    
Mock Elias    
Mock Elias (III)  
Monfoot Peter    
Monfort John Peter    
Moody Abner    
Moody John    
Mooers Moses Hazen    
Moor John    
Moor Russell    
Moore Daniel    
Moore Ephraim Private Capt. Daniel Moore's Co., Col. John Stark's Regt.
Moore Hugh    
Moore William Private 2nd NH
Morgan Abel    
Morison Samuel Sergeant Capt. Wilson's Co., Col. Nichol's Regt., Gen. Stark's Brig. - 
Morrill David    
Morrill Joseph    
Morrill Nathaniel    
Morris William    
Morrison Ebenezer    
Morrison John    
Morrison Robert    
Morrison Samuel    
Morrsion Samuel    
Morse Ezra    
Morse Henry    
Moses George    
Moulton Cutting Private Soldier Maryland Line of Continental Army
Moulton Jonathan    
Movar Jacob    
Muller Jeremiah    
Munro William    
Nay Samuel    
Neal Joshua    
Nealley Joseph    
Nesmith James    
Newcomb Thomas    
Newcomb (Newcum) John    
Nichols Eleazer Private MA
Nichols Eleazer Private   Capt. Philip Hathaway's Co., Col. Josiah Whitney's Reg.
Nichols Eleazer Private Capt. Philip Hathaway's Co., Col. Josiah Whitney's Reg.
Nichols James    
Nims David    
Norcross Jeremiah Private RI
North Caleb Lt. Col. Capt. Company D  4th Pennsylvania Battalion,  Major 10th Pennslyvania Regiment,  Lt. Col. Old 11th Pennsylvania,  Lt. Col. 9th Pennsylvania Regiment
Nourse (Mourse) Daniel    
Noyes Benjamin    
Noyes Thomas    
Nutt William    
Nutter Ebenezer    
Nutter John    
O'Brien William Lt.(Naval) MA, privateer
Odlin William   Military Prison Guardsman at Exeter, NH 1777
Oliver William    
Onthank William (Jr.)  
Onthank William (Sr.)  
Orcutt Peter Private  
Orcutt Samuel    
Ordway James    
Orsor Jonas Capt. 1st Westchester County NY Militia
Overmeyer John George    
Packard Ebenezer    
Packard Matthew    
Packard Simeon    
Paddock Henry    
Page Andrew    
Page Daniel    
Page Ebenezer    
Page Robert    
Page Timothy Private Capt. Reuben Rose's Co., Col. Thompson's Regt., CT Line
Palmer Isaac    
Palmer Joseph PS/Brig. Gen. MA
Park Jonathan Lt. VT
Parker Gamaliel (Sr.) Private  
Parker Isaac    
Parker Matthew Stanley    
Parker Reuben    
Parker William    
Parkhurst Jonathan    
Parkhurst Josiah    
Parkinson Henry Lieutenant Capt. George Reid's Co of Londonderry, Col. John Stark's Regt. Chosen Quarter Master by John Stark. 01 Jan 1776 - June  1777 2nd Lieut.  and Regt.  Quartermaster of 5th Continental Army
Parks David    
Parsons Amos    
Parsons Joseph    
Parsons Samuel    
Patch Thomas (Sr.)  
Patten John    
Patten Matthew    
Patten William    
Patterson Alexander    
Patterson John Lt.  
Patterson Joseph    
Payne John    
Peabody Asa    
Peabody Benjamin Captain  
Pearl John    
Pearson Silas    
Pearson Stephen    
Pearson William    
Pease Christopher    
Pease Samuel    
Peavey Daniel    
Peck James    
Peck Samuel    
Pennell Jeremiah    
Perham Samuel    
Perkins Abraham    
Perkins Jabez Private 1st  York Co. to serve in Rhode Island and as private in Capt. Abel Moulton's company, Col. Jonathan Titcomb's regiment May 19, 1777 to July 18, 1777 at Rhode Island.
Perkins Robert    
Perley Allen Private MA
Perley Nathan    
Perry John    
Perry Oliver    
Pettingill Mathew    
Phelps John    
Philibrick Samuel    
Philip George Capt.  
Phipps Solomon    
Pickering Jesse Private PA
Pierce Benjamin    
Pierce David    
Pierce Jr. Ebenezer    
Pierson David    
Pillsbury Benjamin    
Pillsbury Caleb    
Pinkham Joseph    
Pinkham Tristam    
Piper Jonathan    
Piper Solomon    
Platts Joseph    
Plimpton Elijah    
Plumer Jesse    
Plummer Beard    
Polley Joseph    
Pomeroy Seth General General during the Revolution in MA and NY, 1775 - 1777
Poor Abraham    
Poor Joseph    
Poor Samuel    
Pope Thomas    
Porter Aaron Corporal  
Porter Benjamin    
Porter Ebenezer    
Porter Samuel    
Powers Eliot    
Powers Elliot    
Powers Elliott    
Powers Ezekiel Private Private, NH.  Capt. Houghton's Co., Col. Baldwin's Regt., Capt. Cobleigh Co, Col. Ashley's Regt march to Ticonderoga June 1777; signed Declaration 12 Apr 1776 opposing British
Powers Joseph Private  
Pratt Aaron    
Pratt Thomas    
Presbrey Elisha    
Presbrey Elisha Private MA 
Presbrey Elisha Private Massachusetts Militia: Capt. J. King's Co., Col. J. Duggit's Regt.
Presby Elisha Private Capt. J. King's Co., Col. J. Duggit's Regt. MA Militia
Prescott William    
Price Farrington Private NJ: Militia under Col. Elias Dayton.  Volunteers who captured British War Ship "Blue Mountain". Prisoner of war after defeat 27 Aug 1776; Battle of Long Island 27 Aug 1776
Price William Stanley    
Pridham Isaac    
Priest Joel    
Proctor Leonard    
Proctor Nathan    
Prouty Joshua    
Putnam Israel    
Putnam Moses    
Pyle Daniel    
Quimby Aaron    
Quinby Joseph    
Ramsdell John    
Rand William Private Capt. Simon Marston's Co.
Rand Zechariah    
Rathbone Thomas    
Rawson Nathaniel    
Raymond Paul    
Reed Andrew Lt. Col.  3rd Lincoln County MASS Militia 10 Feb 1776
Reed Elijah    
Reed Joshua    
Reed Phineas    
Reed Robert    
Reed Zadoc    
Reed (Reid) Abraham    
Remich David    
Remich James    
Remick Timothy    
Requa Daniel    
Reynolds Daniel    
Rhodes Peter    
Rice Benjamin    
Richards Ebenezer    
Richards Ebenezer (Jr.)  
Richards Jonathan    
Richardson Bradbury Major  
Richardson Jonas    
Richardson Luther    
Richardson Moses    
Richardson William    
Ricker Ebenezer    
Ripley Jerome    
Ripley William    
Rix Nathan    
Rix Nathaniel (II)  
Rix Nathaniel    
Robbe Alexander Private Capt. Joseph Parker's Co., Col. Enoch Hale's Regt.
Robbins Josiah    
Roberts James Col.  
Roberts Joshua    
Robertson James    
Robinson Asa    
Robinson Chase    
Robinson Increase    
Robinson John    
Robinson Levi    
Robinson Moses    
Robinson Nathaniel    
Rogers Elkanah    
Rogers William    
Rolfe Nathaniel    
Rollins Aaron    
Rollins Ichabod    
Rollins/Rawlins Ichabod Drummer Drummer, N.H. Militia, Capt. David Place Co.  of Rochester Company sent to Winter Hill under General Sullivan.
Romney Edward    
Rosebrook Eleazer    
Russell Aquilla    
Russell Emanuel Sergeant Capt. Perry's Co., Delaware Militia
Russell Moor    
Russell Walter    
Ryer John    
Saborn Reuben (Jr.)  
Safford Samuel    
Sampson Micah    
Sanborn Aaron    
Sanborn Abraham    
Sanborn Enos    
Sanborn James    
Sanborn Jeremiah (Jr.)  
Sanborn Jethro    
Sanborn Moses    
Sanborn Peter    
Sanborn Reuben    
Sanborn Sherborn Private NH
Sanderson Moses    
Sanderson Nathan    
Sargent John    
Sargent Nathan    
Sawin Reuben    
Sawyer Abel    
Sawyer Caleb    
Sawyer Joseph    
Sawyer Josiah (Jr.)  
Sawyer Josiah    
Sawyer William    
Scales Samuel    
Scales Samuels    
Schaeffer Henry    
Scott Alexander    
Scribner Manuot    
Sealey William    
Seavey Samuel    
Seavey Thomas    
Sessions John    
Severance Ebenezer Private Capt. Stephen Parker's Co., Col. Moses Nichols Regt., Gen. Stark's Brig.
Severance Joseph    
Severance Moses    
Seward Josiah    
Seymour Samuel    
Shackford Samuel    
Shattuck Job    
Shaw Caleb    
Shaw John    
Shaw Nathaniel    
Shedd Ebenezer    
Shepherd Ebenezer    
Sherman Roger    
Sherwin Jonathan    
Sherwood Gersham Lt. Capt. Dutcher's Co., 1st Westchester Cty NY Militia (South Regiment), Upper Philipsburg Co.
Shewrin Jonathan    
Shirley Thomas Private New Hampshire, Capt. John Duncan's Co, Lt. Col. Moses Kelly's militia; PVT in Capt. James Aiken's Co, Col. Kelley's Regt.
Shirley Thomas Private Private New Hampshire, Capt. John Duncan's Co, Lt. Col. Moses Kelly's militia; PVT in Capt. James Aiken's Co, Col. Kelley's Regt.
Shortridge Richard    
Sias John    
Sibley Samuel    
Silsby Henry    
Sinclair Benjamin    
Skelton (Skilton) Daze    
Slayton Jesse    
Sleeper David    
Sleeper Peter    
Smart Samuel    
Smiley David    
Smith Aaron    
Smith David    
Smith Elisha (Sr.)  
Smith Henry    
Smith James    
Smith Jeremiah    
Smith John    
Smith Jonathan Ensign 8th VA Line
Smith Joseph    
Smith Josiah    
Smith Levi Drummer Capt. Enoch Weatherhead, Col. Murry's regt. Served at the Battle of Bunker Hill
Smith Moody    
Smith Paul    
Smith Samuel    
Smith Seth Lieutenant Capt. Joseph Smith's Co., 
Smith  Abijah    
Smyth Joshua    
Snedeter Isaac    
Spalding Jonathan Private Capt. Brown's Co., Col. David Green Regt. MA 
Spalding Jonathan Private Capt. Brown's Co., Col. David Green Regt., Lexington Alarm.  Also served in Israel Chapin's Regt. from 18 Oct 1779 to 21 Nov 1779
Spaudling William    
Spaulding Abel    
Spaulding Jonathan Private MA
Spaulding Joseph    
Spaulding Reuben (Jr.)  
Spear Joseph    
Spencer Ebenezer   Soldier in the NH Line
Spencer Ephriam    
Spickett Daniel    
Spofford Amos    
Spofford Benjamin    
Spofford Thomas    
Sprague John    
Sprague Phineas (III)  
Sprague Phineas (IV)  
Squires Samuel Stent    
St. John Ezra    
Stanton Jonathan Private Capt. Joseph Harker's Co., Col. Harkinson's Regt.
Stanyan Jonathan    
Stark John Gen.  
Stark John    
Stark John Brig. Gen. Hero of the Battles of Bunker Hill and Bennington; Col. of the 1st NH Regiment at Battle of Breed's Hill & Trenton, NH Brig. Gen. of forces at Bennington
Stearns Batholomew    
Stearns John    
Stearns Joshua    
Stearns Josiah    
Stearns Nathan    
Stearns Samuel    
Stearns Samuel (Sr.)  
Stearns Samuel (Jr.)  
Stebbins John    
Steele David    
Stevens Benjamin    
Stevens Theophilus    
Stickney Daniel    
Stickney Thomas    
Stickney Thomas (Jr.) 1st Lieutenant  
Stiles Jeremiah    
Stitson Joseph    
Stockwell, III John Sergeant Capt. Ichabod Dexter's Co., Col. Doolittle's Regt in 1775 and Sergeant in Capt. Oliver's Co., Nathan Sparhawk's Regt, for 104 days in 1777
Stoddard Nathaniel    
Stone Joshua    
Stone Philemon    
Stotler Henry Private Maryland Line of Continental Army
Stoughton Samuel    
Stowers James 2nd Lieutenant Capt. Samuel Clark's Co., Col. Henry Broomfield's Regt.
Stratton Nehemiah Private New Hampshire volunteers (militia); Capt. Josiah Brown's Co., Col. Enoch Hale's Regt.; 1781 joined Continental Army for 3 years.   Later became Sergeant
Stratton Stephen    
Straw John    
Straw Samuel    
Stubbs Richard    
Stults Henry    
Sturtevant Church    
Sturtevant Hosea    
Swan Samuel Major MA
Swasey Ebenezer    
Sweet Caleb Doctor Surgeon's Mate, 1st New York  Regt. , Staff Officer in General George  Washington's Newburgh, NY headquarters; Service Dates 21 Nov 1776, 13 Oct 1779 and served until close of war
Swett Jonathan    
Symond Thomas Private MA Line
Taft Asa    
Taft Frederick    
Taft Silas    
Taggart William    
Talbot Peter    
Tapley Asa    
Tapley Gilbert    
Tarbell Thomas Private Capt. Mann's Co., Col. Reed's Regt.
Tash Thomas    
Tash Thomas Capt.  
Taylor Anthony    
Taylor Edmund   Member of the Committee of Safety, Mecklenburg, VA
Tebbets Ebenezer    
Tenney Daniel Private New Hampshire Guards
Tenney Edmund    
Thayer Ichabod (Jr.)  
Thayer Ichabod Capt. (Jr.)  
Thayer Richard    
Thomas Elijah    
Thomas Jedediah    
Thompson Benjamin (III)  
Thompson Benjamin    
Thompson Ebenezer    
Thompson Moses    
Thompson Samuel    
Thompson William    
Thomson Hugh    
Thorn (or Thom) Isaac    
Thornton Matthew    
Thurston Daniel Private NY Militia
Thurston Daniel Private New York Militia.  Served in Land Bounty Grants  authorizing Leves of Troops for the defense of  State and Frontiers.  Also listed as an assignor of Land Bounty Rights.
Tibbets Ichabod    
Tiffany James    
Tillnghost Thomas    
Tilton John    
Timson Robert    
Tingue John Corporal Philip Schuyler's Regt, New York Militia
Tinker John    
Titus Samuel    
Todd Eben    
Tolman Ebenezer    
Town Peter    
Towner Comfort    
Treat Charles    
Treworgy Spencer    
Tripp Richard    
Trotter James    
True   Benjamin    
True   Jacob    
Truesdell Darius    
Tuck William Capt.  
Tuck, Jun Jonathan   Signer of a Test Paper on June 4, 1776 at the Hampton, NH Committee of Safety meeting, pledging to protect the United American Colonies with ARMS in opposition of the British forces.
Tucker William    
Turner William    
Tuttle Pelatian    
Tuttle Samuel    
Twitchell Joseph    
Tyler Bradstreet Private Capt. Jacob Gould's Co.
Underwood Jereme    
Upton Joseph Private MA Soldier.  3rd Reading Co., under Capt. John Flint, Col. David Green's Regt.  Alarm of April 19, 1775.  May 15, 1775 list of men belonging to 3rd Reading Co.
Van Alstyne William    
Van Dorn Cornelius    
Van Kleeck Baltus    
Varkey Joseph S.    
Vaughn Jabez    
Veep (Keep?) Matthew (Jr.) Corporal
Verieul Joseph    
Verieul Joseph Sgt./Ensign NY
Viall Nathaniel    
Vogt Michael    
Vose Joseph    
Vose William Private MA Militia
Wadleigh Benjamin    
Wadleigh Nathaniel    
Wadleigh Thomas    
Wadsworth David    
Waldo Edward    
Waldo, Sr. Jesse Lieutenant CT: 1st Connecticut Regt, 8th Company
Waldron Aaron    
Waldron Jacob    
Waldron John    
Walker Asa    
Walker Isaac    
Walker James    
Walker Obijiah    
Walker Timothy (Jr.)  
Wallace (Wallis) Joseph Capt. MA Militia
Wallingford David    
Ward Artemus    
Ward Simon    
Warfield Samuel Private Capt. Thomas Marshall Baker's Co., Col. Benjamin Hawa's Regt.
Warner Thomas    
Warren Daniel   Capt. Evan's & Capt. Webb's Co.
Washburn Daniel Private NY
Washburn Daniel Private NY 
Watson Caleb    
Watson Coleman    
Watson Elipalet    
Weare Meschech    
Webber William    
Webster David    
Webster Ebenezer    
Weeks David    
Weeks Gilbert    
Weeks Thomas Captain Col. Whitney's Regt.
Weeks William    
Welch Joseph    
Weld Walter    
Weldman Timothy    
Wellington George    
Wellman Samuel    
Wells James    
Wentworth Bartholomew    
Wentworth Jonathan    
Wentworth Richard    
Wentworth Richard Sergeant  
Wentworth Samuel    
Wentworth Spencer Private NH  Private, Captain Waldron's Company
Wentwoth Richard    
Wetherbee Samuel    
Wheat Joseph    
Wheat Joseph Chap/Capt. NH (Pension)
Wheat Joseph Private Capt. Ed. Everett's Co., Col. Bedell's Regt.  Private in 1777, Capt. Hawkin's Co, Col. Scammell.  Corporal in Capt. McGregor's Regt, Col. Reid
Wheat Thomas (Sr.)  
Wheeler David    
Wheeler James Sergeant Sergeant, NH  11th Co. in Col. Ashley's Regt. which marched for the relief   of the Garrison at Ticonderoga on the Alarm June 1777 - Engaged June 29 
Wheeler John    
Wheeler Joseph (III)  
Wheeler Peter    
Wheeler Samuel    
Wheelock Jonathan    
Wheelock Phineas    
Whidden Joseph    
Whitcher Chase    
Whitcomb Abner    
Whitcomb Asa    
Whitcomb Jonathan P.    
Whitcomb Joseph    
Whitcomb Josiah    
Whitcomb Philemon    
White Ebenezer    
White James    
White John    
White John Private Capt. George Gould's Co., Col. Paul Dudley's Regt.
White Nathaniel    
White Rand    
White Stephen    
White Stephen Private NH Line
White William Clement    
Whiting Caleb Private  
Whiting John Adjutant General MA   2nd Regt.  Adjutant General to General George Washington against Cornwallis in Virginia 
Whitmer Peter (Sr.)  
Whitmer Peter (Jr.)  
Whitney David    
Whitney Enoch    
Whitney Israel    
Whitney Jacob    
Whitney James    
Whitney John    
Whitney Seth    
Whitney Thaddeus    
Whittaker John    
Whittam William Matross MD
Whittemore Aaron    
Whitten John    
Wiggins James Private NH Regiment
Wilcox Thomas Private Capt. William Cook's Co., Col. Church's Regt.
Wilder Abijah Private Soldier NH
Wilkins Bray    
Wilkinson Benning    
Wilkinson David    
Willard Jonathan    
William Benjamin    
Williams Joseph    
Williams Thomas    
Willis Edmund    
Willis Thomas    
Willmarth Asa    
Willmarth Joseph    
Wills John    
Wilson Archelus    
Wilson Daniel    
Wilson Jesse    
Wilson John    
Wilson Supply    
Wilson (Willson) Jonathan    
Winslow Benjamin    
Wiswall Noah    
Witcher Chase    
Wood Ephraim    
Wood John    
Wood Thomas    
Woodbury Joshua    
Woodbury Luke    
Woodman Jeremiah    
Woodman Jonathan    
Woods Ebenezer    
Woods John (Jr.)  
Woods Nehemias    
Woodward Slomon    
Woodworth Salvenus    
Worcester Asa    
Worthen Benjamin    
Worthen Ezekiel PS Major NH Militia
Wright Benjamin    
Wright David    
Wright John Private NH
Wright Joseph    
Wright Prudence    
Wyatt George    
Wyman Isaac    
Yale Nathaniel Private Capt. John Carpenter's Co.
Yantis Jacob    
Yarnal Peter    
Young Caleb    
Young John    
Young Joseph    
Young Joshua    
Young Thomas (Sr.)  
Zartman Henry    
Zartman Jacob (Sr.)  
Zink Gottlieb Private PA
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