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...  The Raid on Fort William and Mary in 1774 - Thomas F. Kehr (Revised June 2012)  

   List of Participants in the Raid on Fort William and Mary in 1774 - T. F. Kehr (Revised June 2012)...

.Fort Stanwix, Eagle Scout Essay - Andrew Street 

    Rev. Israel Evans, American Patriot - October 2004 "The Minuteman" newsletter   

   Flag Day 2004 - October 2004 "The Minuteman" newsletter  

    The Inaugural General John Stark Day - October 2004 "The Minuteman" newsletter   

   2003 Musterfield Farm Days - October 2004 "The Minuteman" newsletter   

   Troublesome Grants - March 2004 "The Minuteman" newsletter  

    2003 Bunker Hill - Webster's Oration - March 2004 "The Minuteman" newsletter   

   Last Soldiers of the Revolution - March 2004 "The Minuteman" newsletter   

   Scammell and Sullivan - June 2003 "The Minuteman" newsletter  

    The Founding of Dartmouth College in 1769 - A. L. Weld and Hibbard Richter   

   Problems of the New Hampshire "Grants" - George T. Noyes

     White Pines for the Royal Navy - Harold E. Davidson or   

   NH Reaction to the Boston Tea Party in 1773 - J. Duane Squires    

  Some Unfamiliar Facts About New Hampshire at the Battle of Bunker Hill -    Hibbard Richter   

   New Hampshire's Constitution of 1776 - Richard F. Upton or  

   Events Leading to Gen. Stark's Victory at Bennington - J. Duane Squires    

   The Commander-In-Chief and His Generals - J. Duane Squires